torsdag den 12. februar 2015

Ukraine VERSUS Greece Preview of IMF and Pick THE WINNER - DUMB ASS ARENA Ukraine is the home favorite in this matchbox they spend millions each day firing against other ukrainians shelling their own towns and getting LOANS TO FIRE MORE IF THEY NEEDED DO SO ...These two teams played to a 0 EUROS draw in Athens.and in Kiev

Ukraine vs. Greece - Donbass Arena, Donetsk, Ukraine 2015 
Match Odds:going down or going down fast....
Well, all comes down to this match ...... Winner takes all 40 billion dollar loan in this match, as the winner will be playing in the World Fund and the loser will be watching it  homeless .  
Ukraine has not lost in their last games with Russia and is like a tie ...because the game is on and on  and they are at home, but you can never count out Greece, which is a country that has a penchant for big upsets.
Greece had a few chances to score at home last week, but did not take advantage and now they will have to score in Berlin , which is never easy to do. The Greeks have not played in the IMF  since 199?  
The Greeks will have to play a solid match begging war reparations from germany and in the same time playing on defense in order to keep the dynamic attack of   Germany and it would be a major upset if they did not qualify for this IMF loan. They made it out of a tough group, finishing 4nd ahead of Belarus and Venezuela, and nothing short of a home win will be a major disappointment for Vanoufuckies and Tesepiras
Greece has had problems against the bigger teams and against those teams they tend to play a defensive match. They will not do the same in this match, as they will be more than happy for another scoreless draw and then to take their chances in a drachmas